we meet and we share,
your vision revealed,
your venue visited,
your theme defined,
your day begins.

behind the scene preparations,  managing the smallest detail,

completing the look,

creating the feel,

capturing the moment.

On the Day

your vision comes to life,

your wedding is your own,

your wonder is complete,

your day is here,

memories are made.


Showers & Parties

Baby Showers

Much the same as weddings...

Share with me your theme

and show me what you like.

I'll create the feel.  

Milestone Birthdays

A special someone

turning an age that needs


Let's do it! 


Always a reason

to celebrate and enjoy!

So gather friends and family

and I'll decorate for you!



Initial Consultation

Meeting fees

are included in my services

when you book with me


We can travel to your venue


We can chat where you wish


Non refundable deposit graciously accepted 

to reserve your date


This is the behind the scene

time dedicated to creating

your unique vision

and bringing that vision to life

My services include


delivery and installation

and concludes with

containment and packing up of decorative items


Hourly rate $50.


Consumable items individual

(ex: greens, candles, ribbons, etc)


Rental costs vary

depending upon items


Mileage costs over 25 miles


I will make every effort

to work with your budget

Located in Franklin PA 

Serving Northwestern PA


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