Hi!  I'm Michelle...Welcome to Memories Made by Chelle

Here's my story....

I have been married to John, an amazing man, for 34 years now.  

Together we were blessed to raise three talented and intelligent boys.  

I was surrounded by them, loving and enjoying each "stage" of their youth. 

For me, the years, packed with memories, went by to quickly....   

All to soon it happened, as it should, they found their soul mates and married....

And you guessed it, that left me, a Mom,

pondering what to do with this new stage of life.

It's exciting to say that I believe I found my niche.....

Your Celebration, Your Vision
Unforgettable Decorations

Turning a Dream into Reality

This wedding decorating  dream of mine took hold and rooted in the Fall of 2014.

This was my very first project and I was delighted to absorb Kayla's vision of a fall, country primitive theme.  I was filled with pride when Kayla told me that

"this was the wedding that she had always dreamed of".   She made me cry...

Soon another opportunity arose for me to provide Hannah with some memories of her own! This time it was January and a winter theme with glitz, sparkle, silver and shine was the goal.  Hannah's tears of joy let me know that I succeeded! 

Now, Samantha was looking for that vintage feel....lace and candles, white milk glass, old trunks and books and suitcases, things that she loved...I'll always remember

the feeling I had when Sam's father thanked me with tears shining in his eyes!


Kelsey is my next bride, this coming June. 

Her vision is a mixture of summer time fun all rolled into white rustic lanterns,

candlesticks, pitchers, mason jars, all spilling with tons of yellow and white daisies! 

I'll add some burlap and dozens of candles for the summer romantic atmosphere

that she is looking for.  So far, Kelsey tells me that I am on track.....

stay tuned for her final reaction! 

I'm looking forward to meeting you, my newest friend.
I cannot wait to turn your dream into reality!
Let's talk....

Located in Franklin PA 

Serving Northwestern PA


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